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Plan Features Price Buy
Simplyp Accountablity Top-Noutch, PDF Data, Table data, Secure login, SSL Secured. ₹149/Month+
₹1* One-time
Proyp Accountablity Top-Noutch, PDF Data, Table data, Chart data, Secure login, SSL Secured, Custom fields upto 4, One site for accounts, Another one for expenses. ₹199/Month+
₹59* One-time
Enterprisp Any thing you want, Will be given... --

*₹1 in Simplyp, ₹59 in Proyp, and ₹199 in Enterprisp is a one-time fee, Which, If plan is stopped, Will not be refunded.
iNRiFy reserves the right to change features, prcing, and terminate any plan at any time, but by giving an email.


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